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Safety is a top priority for JSI and all of our team members. JSI’s safety program is derived from the comprehensive Risk Management plan we have created to ensure that we are using the safest procedures, methods and equipment available to us across all of our accounts. Our Safety and Training Manager is responsible for overseeing all safety and security issues, and ensuring that we are always in compliance with State, Federal and Local laws, as well as OSHA regulations. With our personnel often being the only people in your facility after hours, we take special precautions to ensure that your building is secure. We take full responsibility for protecting your property and assets. All JSI employees take part in our continuing education programs, which also include building-specific safety training, as well as emergency protocols. JSI has implemented a drug-free workplace program. As part of this initiative, all employees are subject to pre employment drug testing, as well as random, mishap and reasonable suspicion.


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