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Special Services Division

Coverage Team
JSI employs 10 experienced fill-in personnel, for the purpose of filling in for absenteeism at various accounts. Each coverage person has been trained in all facilities in their geographic area. They report to their manager daily to receive their assignments, based on where additional employees are needed. This is an extra measure that we take, that allows us to ensure that no areas ever get neglected due to an absence.

Project Crew
We employ 12 IICRC Certified Carpet Care and Floor Care technicians. Each with several years of experience, they have also undergone training through JSI’s continuing education courses, as well as third party certifications. These professional individuals are equipped with the best equipment available for professional carpet and floor care techniques.

Equipment Repair
JSI employs equipment repair technicians, who work from our warehouse as well as travel to different accounts to repair and inspect our equipment. This benefits us in terms of decreasing down time due to broken equipment. Machines are often repaired on-site, same day, so that we don’t lose any productivity.

Supply Delivery
Our supply delivery personnel ensure that our buildings are fully stocked with all supplies necessary to perform our nightly tasks. Our delivery personnel work closely with our Area Managers and employees to arrange for seamless and efficient delivery of materials. This leaves all other levels of personnel free to perform the tasks assigned to them, without having to deal with obtaining supplies.

JSI owns a fleet of 8 fully equipped utility vans, specifically for our special service crews.


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